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Clocks Page 5

Slinky Lady and Stag
Another 'Menneville' - this one unsigned, made of the usual spelter and ivoreen, with a very slinky lady wearing a gold dress, laying across this large 31 inch base with a horned stag on the other side of the clock, which is 12.5 inches tall in black marble with vivid green onyx intersections. Clock works but striker does not strike. Strike mechanism faulty.

Ref: CL94 . . . £595

'Geo Maxim' Mirror-Lady Clock Set
A French spelter and ivoreen clock set. She is holding a mirror and she is signed. The clock is 18 inches wide and 17 inches to her head. Made of cream and brown marble with unusual ribbed detailing with a stepped Belgian Black marble base. Condition is good although there has been some restoration to her mirror. The piece is complimented with two unusual matching side pieces.

Ref: CL98 . . . £580

Stylised Fox Clock
A French four-glass clock set with chromed surround mounted on a cream onyx and Portorro base with a stylised Fox or Wolf in green patinated spelter - an unsigned 'DeCoux'. The base measures 28 inches (72cm) in length and the clock stands 14 inches (35cm) tall. In good working condition complete with its bell, key and shaped chrome pendulum. Video of the clock working is available on request.

Ref: CL500 . . . £695

Dianne the Huntress Clock
French spelter lady with spear clock, with a nicely detailed fan shaped marble back wall. Clock made of brown marble and cream onyx 20 inches wide and 13 inches tall, to the top of the ladies head.

Ref: CL99 . . . £560

ATO Clock
Modernist glass and bakelite clock by Leon Hatot, made in France in the late 1920's and marked ATO to the clock face and movement. Hatot was famous for producing one of the first battery operated clocks in the world and although the batteries are not longer available I have seen these clocks converted to take modern batteries. Measures 21 inches long (54cm) by 8.75 inches high (22cm) and 2.75 inches deep (7cm). Condition is very good with just a tiny chip to the back of each top corner of glass.

Ref: CL706 . . . £995

Bronze Adam and Eve Clock
A French bronze and onyx clock with two dimensional bronze Adam and Eve flanking either side of the bronze face. The deco numerals are stunning and the face is signed indistinctly - Garvigele?. The cream onyx body measures 17 inches wide by 4 deep by 12 high (43cm x 10 x 30). Condition is very good with some minor age darkening to the clock face. We have had the clock working.

Ref: CL708 . . . £785

Art Deco Clock by Balleste
French art deco flower lady clock by Balleste and signed under her foot. I have never seen another one like it as a clock. The lady was used to make lady lamps holding a globe and you see many of them. The clock case is made or onyx, portorro marble and rosso marble and it measures 18 inches long vey 4.75 inches deep and the total height of the lady and clock is 11 inches (46cm x 12cm x 28cm). We have had the clock working but it may need to go to a clock repairer as it does not maintain its tick. It may be the wrong pendulum for the clock. Condition is very good with just a few age related marks to the marble case.

Ref: CL814 . . . £895

French Art Deco Mantle Clock
French walnut mantle clock with gilt metal hands and numerals. It measures 8 inches wide by 4.75 inches deep by 8 inches high (20cm x 12cm x 20cm). We have the clock working but obviously cannot guarantee an 80+ year old clock. Condition is very good.

Ref: CL816 . . . £395

Art Deco Clock
French Art Deco marble and onyx clock with a spelter lady holding a bird of paradise to the top. The lady has a silvered patina with a bronze patinated dress. The clock is in working order and complete with pendulum, bell and key. Condition is good with just a few tiny marble edge nicks as one would expect.

Ref: CL866 . . . £860

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