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Craquelier page 10

Stylised Elephant by Lemenceau
Modernist ceramic pink crackle glaze elephant, an unsigned Lemenceau. He measures 12 inches long by 4 wide by 8 high (31cm x 10 x 20). Similar to ones seen in the craquelier books. Condition is very good.

Ref: OF168 . . . £495

Cubist Rabbit by Lemenceau
French ceramic rabbit of cubistic form, made by Lemenceau (although unsigned) circa 1930. It measures 14 inches long by 6.5 high by 6 deep (36cm x 16.5 x a5). Condition is very good.

Ref: OF169 . . . £395

Wedgwood Deer by Skeaping
Produced by Wedgwood in the 1930's and designed for them by John Rattenbury Skeaping. It measures 7 inches wide by 5.5 high (17.5cm x 14). Marked to the base Wedgwood and signed Skeaping to one end. Condition is good but I believe there has been some damage to the neck as I can see a fine hairline crack in the hollow inside around the area and signs of slight colour change to the glaze on the outside. Hence £195

Ref: OF171 . . . £195

Cubist Bison Bookends by Fontinelle
French crackle glaze ceramic bison bookends, signed Fontinelle to the base. They each measures 7 inches long by 3.75 deep by 7 high (18cm x 9.5). Condition is vintage but very good.

Ref: OF172 . . . £495 the pair

Deer Group by Lemenceau
This is the rarer smaller cream crackle glaze deer group. Signed but barely visible as covered in glaze. A similar one can be seen in the book (Keramische Dieren) on page 78. This one measures 13.75 inches long by 9 high (35cm x 23). Condition is very good with just one small glaze chip to one corner which is not unusual given the nature of craqueliers.

Ref: OF173 . . . £345

Red Glazed love birds, a French faience piece. Unsigned and artist unknown. It measures 10 inches high by 7 wide by 5 deep (25.5cm x 17.5 x 12.5). Condition is very good.

Ref: OF182 . . . £195

Deer by Odyv
French waxed glaze deer, unmarked but I believe by Odyv. It measures 14 inches long by 4.5 deep by 9 high (36cm x 11.5 x 23). Condition is vintage but good with just a couple of tiny glaze grazes to the grey base.

Ref: CH1379 . . . £145

Danseuse Au Voile by Le Faguays
French art deco ceramic craquelier group of nude dancers. This same statue can be seen in the Les Craqueles book on page 84. It was made as a craquelier and also as a terracotta. I have both versions, in fact the terracotta one I have has come from the family of Max Le Verrier. It is unsigned but I guarantee its by Le Faguays, plus I also have the original negative photograph of it from the Le Verrier archives. This large pieces measures 16 inches wide by 7.5 inches deep by 17.5 inches high (41cm x 19cm x 44.5cm). Condition is good with an old crack to the front ladies ankle but this seems to be under glaze and I believe there from new and probably a firing crack.

Ref: OF249 . . . £2,895

Meditation by Joe Descomps
Large French art deco ceramic craquelier statue - a signed piece by Joe Descomps. The same bronze version of this statue can be seen in the Catley book on page 131. Her title is Meditation, cream nude with central doves detail to the front of the base. It measures 23 inches long by 15.5 inches high by 7.25 inches deep (59cm x 40cm x 18.5cm). Condition is very good, although there is a glaze crack to one end only on the outside edge.

Ref: OF252 . . . £2,295

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