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Spelter Male Figures 1

Predominantly Male figural items, or perhaps mixed groups.

Art Deco Statuettes Book
This is the new art deco statuettes book by Alberto Shayo in as new condition.

Ref: M4670 . . . £88

Impressive Fisherman
Another large French spelter male figure. This time a Fisherman in his swimming trunks, pulling in his netted catch. It is unsigned but probably by Joe de Roncourt, he is 20 inches tall and stands on rocks, which are mounted on a large 26 inch cream onyx and black marble base.

Ref: F369 . . . £695

'Rockman' by Uriano
French spelter man with a light bronze patina levering a lump of marble, mounted on a black and brown marble base. 29 inches (74cm) long and approximately 15 inches (38cm) high - and a really handsome chunky chap! Signed to the base - Uriano.

Ref: F512 . . . £795

The Hero by Uriano
French spelter figural group - a signed piece by Uriano. The figures have a bronzed patina and are mounted on a black marble base with onyx front intersection panels. Condition is very good with a few minor age related marble nicks. The spelter figures are exceptionally crisp. Total height is 19 inches (48cm) and the base measures 29 inches (74cm) by 6 inches (15cm). I recently sold the clock version of this figure for the filming of 'And Then There Were None' - featured on BBC in December 2015.

Ref: F1327 . . . £995

Large Slab-Man by 'J. De Roncourt'
This is a big signed spelter male 24 inches tall pulling a slab of fossilised marble up a wedge shape portorro marble base which is 27 inches in length. A nice piece in very good condition.

Ref: F299 . . . £795

'Hervor' Man
A large and handsome male figure chopping a tree stump with an axe. He is made of spelter and is approximately 23.5 inches tall, with a green-grey patination and a yellow loin cloth. A very powerful piece, which is signed by the artist 'HERVOR' on the enormous 30 inch marble base. This is a very unusual figure that I have never had, nor seen before.

Ref: F408 . . . £995

The Warrior
Large French spelter male warrior, unsigned but very much in the style of Bouraine. Measures approx. 34 inches by 14 inches high. In excellent original condition.

Ref: F1663 . . . £1,495

Bronze Age by Demetre Chiparus
Large French art deco spelter - Bronze Age male statue by Demetre Chiparus. This is the largest version and measures 30 inches long by 6.5 inches deep by 24 inches high (76cm x 16.5cm x 61cm). Signed to the right hand end of the base - D H Chiparus. In very good condition.

Ref: F3010 . . . £4,295

The Hunt by Varnier
Large French spelter art deco man and panther group by R. Varnier. Signed in the metal. Mounted on a black marble base that measures 33.5 inches long by 7 inches deep (85cm x 17.5cm). It measures 24.5 inches (62cm) to the top of the spear. Condition is good with just a couple of cracks to the panel of marble.

Ref: F3027 . . . £995

Athlete Moderne by De Roncourt
This French art deco bending bar man is titled Athlete Moderne. I know this as I have an original catalogue from the foundry that made him (see below). The base is made of Belgian black marble. Base measures 7 inches deep by 28.5 inches long and the total height of the statue is 21 inches (17.5cm x 73cm x 53cm). Signed J. De Roncourt to the end of the base. Condition is good with just a few age related marks to the patina and a few marble nicks as one would expect after 90+ years plus some minor patina wear.

Ref: F3014 . . . £995

Athlete Moderne by J. De Roncourt
The original catalogue photograph of Athlete Moderne.

Ref: F3014

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