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An eclectic assortment of glass (and other materials) which can adorn any dressing table.

Nude Hand Mirror by Schlevogt
Rare green malachite glass hand mirror with nude female intaglio to the back. Made by the Czech artist Henry Schlevogt in the late 1920's - early 1930's. It measures 7.5 inches (19cm) high and is in good vintage condition.

Ref: G433 . . . £295

Large Dressing Table Set
Three piece Czech dressing table set, consisting of two large scent bottles and a tray. The wonderful mirror and black geometric pattern tray measures 12 inches by 7 (30cm x 18). The scent bottles have black enamel floral patterning and each measures 7.5 inches (19cm ) high. Condition is very good with one barely visible chip to the tray below the end handle.

Ref: G437 . . . £295 the set

Malachite Box by Schlevogt
Stunning green glass lidded box made in the 1930's by the Hoffman company and designed by Schlevogt. I also have some later re-issues of this in crystal, this one however is an original. Condition is excellent. Measures 3.5 x 3.25 inches (9cm x 8cm).

Ref: G363 . . . £275

Der Mexicaner by Hoffman
This is a very rare glass jewellery box, made in the 1930's by the Hoffman Glass company in Czechoslovakia. A malachite version of this box can be viewed in the Jacquelyne Jones-North book, page 123. This cream and yellow version is much rarer than the malachite one shown in the book, which incidentally was valued at $1425 US dollars in 2003. Perfect condition and priced very sensibly. Measures 6 x 4.75 (15 x 19cm).

Ref: G254 . . . £765

Glass Box
Glass box by Heinrich Hoffman with intaglio nude lady sitting in foliage with a parrot. It measures approx 3.5 inches square by 2.25 high. (9cm x 5.5). Condition is excellent.

Ref: G337 . . . £185

The Bubble Boy by Hoffman
Czechoslovakian glass box with vivid blue intaglio boy blowing bubbles to the lid. It measures 4.25 inches by 3.5 (11 x 9cm). This was made by Hoffman in the early 1930's, although unsigned. Excellent condition.

Ref: G444 . . . £265

Blue Vitrolite Box
Pale blue vitrolite glass box and lid which measures 6 inches square and is in very good condition.

Ref: M357 . . . £85

Rare Dressing Table Set by Hoffman/Schlevogt
Frosted glass 3 piece dressing table set, made in the early 1930's by Hoffman/Schlevogt and part of the Ingrid Line. The larger two piece powder bowl measures 4.5 inches wide by 7 inches high (11.5cm x 17.5cm). The atomiser has a pink silk puffer. In very good vintage condition with no damages or repairs.

Ref: G612 . . . £495 the set

Nude Ring Dish
An art deco glass lady holding a dish - ring or trinket dish. This is the larger version, made by Schlevogt but unsigned. It measures approximately 4.5 inches high. Condition is excellent.

Ref: G377 . . . £125

3 piece Palda Style Bathroom set
A new bathroom set in the style of Karel Palda with matching etched and enamelled detail throughout. It consists of a soap dish which measures 5.75 inches (15cm) wide and 4.25 inches (11cm) deep, a liquid soap dispenser measures 6.5 inches (11cm) high and 2.75 inches (7cm) deep and toothbrush glass measures 4.25 inches (11cm) high by 3 inches (7.5cm) wide and sits a total of 4 inches (10cm) from the wall when fitted. New condition. More pictures of individual items available on request.

Ref: G809 . . . £240

Nude Ladies Trinket Dish
Lidded opaque glass dish with nude lady embossed detail measuring approx. 4 inches (10cm) in diameter. Condition is very good with no chips.

Ref: G162 . . . £165

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