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Ceiling Lamps Page 3

Bronze Art Deco Chandelier
French art deco ceiling light with 3 bronze ladies holding baskets of stylised flowers and fruit. To the centre is a frosted geometric glass bowl which are complemented by 4 other frosted glass shades 3 on each of the 3 arms and one higher up in the frame to the top. The lamp is silvered and gilt bronze. It measures 31 inches high and 26 inches in diameter (79cm x 66cm). Condition is vintage and used but good.

Ref: L2181 . . . £1,495

Wonderful Enamelled Plaffonier
This is a stunning dimpled glass ceiling lamp from France, I believe by Leune and measuring 14 inches (36cm) in diameter. It has 3 hanging hooks and is beautifully hand painted in high enamels of pink, blue, black, yellow and green.

Ref: L781 . . . £465

Glass Lanterns
This is a period glass porch or hall lantern. Frosted glass panels with peach tint, metal plate to the top. Condition is good with some expected ageing to the metal. Measures 8-9 inches tall and 9 inches square (23cm). Glass is good with no damage.

Ref: L867 . . . £85

French Enamel Ceiling Lamp
Red enamel ceiling lamp shade, measures 11 inches in diameter by 6 high (28cm x 15). Not sure of age could be any time between 30's to 70's? Condition is used but good.

Ref: L1377 . . . £68

French Ceiling Lamp
Wrought iron frame with highly coloured globe shade. It measures a total height of 25.5 inches (65cm) and the globe has a 8.5 inch (21.5cm) diameter. Condition is very good.

Ref: L1891 . . . £495

Blancmange Ceiling Lamp
French art deco frosted glass blancmange ceiling lamp. It has a chrome gallery holder and measures 9.5 inches high (24cm). Condition is vintage and used but very good.

Ref: L2109 . . . £295

French Star Ceiling Lamp
French art deco star ceiling lamp with chromed metal holder. It measures 18 inches high and the star has an 8 inch diameter (46cm x 20cm). Condition is very good.

Ref: L2113 . . . £395

Art Deco Ceiling Lamp by Cherrier et Besnus
Top quality silvered bronze mount with cream tinted globe shade - having stylised floral patterning. The total lamp measures 23 inches in high and the globe measures a large 9 inches in diameter (58.5cm x 22.5cm). Condition is vintage but good with some very small chips to the collar of the globe which are not seen once in the holder.

Ref: L2145 . . . £575

Papillon Ceiling Lamp by Degue
Rare French art deco butterfly ceiling lamp in silvered bronze. The frosted glass wing panels have stylised floral detail and are signed Degue. The silvered bronze ceiling rose also has stylised floral patterning. The lamp measures approx 27 inches high by 13 inches long by 17 inches wide (69cm x 33cm x 43cm). Condition is very good.

Ref: L2360 . . . £995

Cubist Bronze Birds Ceiling Lamp
Modernist art deco cubist birds silvered bronze ceiling lamp with cube frosted glass shades. I believe by Hettier and Vincent. It measures 17.5 inches square by 29.5 inches high (45cm x 45cm x 75cm). Condition is vintage but very good.

Ref: L2366 . . . £2,395

Cubist Bronze Birds Ceiling Lamp
A close up picture showing the birds design to this lamp.

Ref: L2366

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