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This is my selection of mirrors.

Carved Wood Mirror
French ovular mirror with carved wood gilded bottom section showing stylised deco flowers. 35 inches wide x 21 inches tall (51x89cm). Excellent condition with replacement glass.

Ref: MR61 . . . £495

Wrought Iron Fan Mirror
Very stylish wall mirror of wrought iron from France with matching wrought hanging bracket. Looks to be replacement bevelled glass and consequently in excellent condition. Measures 37 x 36 inches (94x92cm).

Ref: MR62 . . . £495

Peach Mirror Wall Clock
An 18 inch diameter peach glass mirror with 2 metal hands and a key wind movement. The English movement is by Tyme of Bond St, UK. In good working order with some minor spotting to the mirror, otherwise ok. Picture taken outside on a cloudy day, hence reflection.

Ref: CL225 . . . £295

Peach Mirror Stand
Stylish mirror stand with bevelled back panel mirror having etched deer and fir tree detail. Bottom section stand has peach mirror-flex tiling and matching peach glass studs. Measures 32.5 inches high, 18 inches wide and 5.5 inches deep. Excellent condition.

Ref: MR116 . . . £395

French Mantle Mirror
French guilt gesso and wood mantle mirror with stylised floral detail to the top edges. It measures 30.5 inches wide by 53 high (77cm x 135). In very good vintage condition with a few very minor age related marks, and new glass.

Ref: MR134 . . . £595

Rare Art Deco Mirror Plaque
Plaster ladies head mirror plaque. With domed original mirror to one side. Marked to the top LMC Reg 1086. It measures 10.75 inches high by 8.75 inches wide (27.5cm x 22cm). Condition is good with some expected age related marks to the panel and some foxing to the mirror. A very rare find I have never seen another one.

Ref: MR218 . . . £295

French Gesso Mantle Mirror
A large French painted and gilt mantle mirror with deco foliate detail. It measures 29.5 inches (76cm) by 50 inches (127cm) high. Very good glass with bevel. Very good original condition with just the usual minor wear to the finish.

Ref: MR219 . . . £795

French Gesso Wall Mirror
French gesso mirror with gilt and silver carved floral detail. The glass is in good condition with just a few minor foxing marks. It measures 34 inches (86cm) wide and 23 inches (59cm) high not including the original tassels and gold braided rope. There is a single purple tassel central at the bottom.

Ref: MR226 . . . RESERVED

French Art Deco Mantle Mirror
French reverse painted stylised floral large mantle mirror. With hand painted enamel detail in black, gold cream and russet red. It measures 39 inches long by 15.5 inches high (100cm x 39cm), It hangs on original silk tassels that go through the glass to the back. Condition is good with some expected foxing spots mainly around the edge at the bottom. A very rare mirror indeed.

Ref: MR231 . . . £575

Gilt Circular Mirror
French art deco gesso and wood mirror with gold and silver leaf detailing - fishes to the bottom and waves to the top. With its original bevelled edge glass mirror, in extremely good condition for its age. It measures 23 inches (58.5cm) in diameter.

Ref: MR235 . . . £495

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