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Wall Plaques Page 13

Keramia Mask
This wonderful terracotta wall mask was made during the 1930’s by the Czech company of Keramia, and measures a large 9.2 inches (23cm) high. To the back it bears the black tower mark of Keramia and the impressed model number 1152/2. The designer was Karl Grossl. Condition is excellent.

Ref: Plq574 . . . £495

Balinese Wall Mask by Goldscheider
A wonderful terracotta wall mask, designed by Rudolf Knoerlein and made around 1953. It is a rare gold foil edition and measures 6 inches (15cm) high. To the back is the black Goldscheider, West Germany stamp and model number 703. Condition is excellent.

Ref: Plq592 . . . £295

Large Goldscheider Wall Mask
Wonderful terracotta wall mask that measures a large 11 inches (28cm) high. Ash blonde hair, black hat with blue scarf, made during the late 40s early 50s and still bears the original Goldscheider label to the bottom of the mask. To the back, stamped Goldscheider, West Germany, and in excellent condition.

Ref: Plq601 . . . £395

Wall Mask by Cortendorf
German ceramic wall mask made post war, but probably late 40s, made of china with a terracotta glaze to the face. Stamped to the rear Made in West Germany model number 3409 with the Cortendorf stamp. Measures approx 11 inches high (28cm). Condition is very good.

Ref: Plq605 . . . £165

Austrian Terracotta Wall Mask
Beautiful Austrian wall mask by Keramos, Wien, made in the early 1930's, designed by Rudolf Podany, and measuring approx. 8 inches (20cm) high, in very good condition and signed to the reverse.

Ref: Plq606 . . . £395

Rare Wall Mask
Stunning 8 inch (20cm) tall brightly hand painted mask, a Czech piece signed Lineke. A rare find in excellent condition.

Ref: Plq1098 . . . £695

Rare Lady Mask by Goldscheider
Pretty lady in a hat, a hand finished and painted terracotta mask by the Goldscheider foundry. Measures approx. 10.5 inches (26cm) high, model number 847915. Stamped Goldscheider Wien and also stamped made in Germany later after German occupation. So this mask was made in the early 1930's. Good condition with a small firing crack from new to the top of her hat. This is not unusual on terracotta plaques.

Ref: Plq1199 . . . £995

Clown Wall Pockets
A pair of china clown wall pockets, unmarked, beautifully handpainted with a couple of small imperfections to the top of the rims.

Ref: Plq56 . . . £195 pair

Pair of Space Age Wall plaques by Lindsey B
English plaster Art Deco space age pair of wall masks. Unsigned but definitely by Lindsey B (Balkwell). Made in the late 70s early 80s. They each measures 11 inches (28cm) high. Beautifully hand painted. Condition is vintage and there a few minor age related chips and touch ins but basically in good condition.

Ref: PLQ1329 . . . £465 the pair

Large Tragedy Mask by Goldscheider
This terracotta wall mask was made in the early 1930's by Goldscheider and designed by Ernst Weber. She is the larger of the Tragedy masks and measure s14 inches high (36cm). Stamped to the back with the Goldscheider Wien mark and model number 6288. In very good condition. A similar mask can be seen in the Pinhas book on page 171. Also in the Filip Goldscheider book on page 428.

Ref: PLQ1331 . . . £2,195

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