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Wall Plaques Page 17

Wall Mask by Karl Grossl
Wonderful, heavy and top quality terracotta, 1930's Czech wall mask, made by the workshop Keramia, and designed by Karl Grossl. These early 30s masks were hand made and hand painted and this particular one is very much in the style of Goldscheider with its open sausage curls and collar. It measures 8.5 inches (21cm) square. Condition is excellent with no breaks or damage. I have two of this same mask. If you wish to see pictures of the other one please ask for PLQ574.

Ref: Plq636 . . . £495

Wall Mask by Lancaster
Ceramic wall mask, beautifully hand painted by Lancaster Potteries and measuring approx. 7 inches (18cm) high and in very good condition. This mask is very similar in style to masks by Cope and Company.

Ref: Plq643 . . . £180

Very Rare Mask by Karl Grossl
This is an extremely rare wall plaque/mask which was designed by Karl Grossl in 1934 and is marked on the reverse with the FBS Czechoslovakia circled stamp and is numbered 157-10P. I am not totally sure but I believe the maker was probably Keramia. Grossl was a freelance ceramist and modeller and carried out commissions for several companies and the mask on this plaque can be viewed on page 171 of the Wondermasken book. Masks like this one by Grossl are rare enough but what is even more usual about this one is that it has a back dish-plaque which shows the face off nicely and supports the rose which is worn by the lady. It is made from heavy quality terracotta and measures 10.5 inches (27cm) wide and 10 inches (25cm) high. Possibly a prototype as only 10 were made of this very rare mask. I would be interested if anyone can provide more details of this mask or its maker.

Ref: Plq644 . . . £795

Large Goldscheider Wall Mask
This mask was made by Goldscheider during the 1950s and measures 10 inches (25cm) high and 7.5 inches (18.5cm) wide, and is a rare mask you don't see all that often. It is stamped and numbered 7089-3, and is in good condition but there is a small chip to the rear hanging hole and a tiny mark on the tip of her nose.

Ref: Plq646 . . . £365

Large Goldscheider Wall Mask
This stunning wall mask dates from the 1930s and was hand made and painted - unlike the later models. She was designed in 1937 by Adolf Prischl and can be viewed in the Filip Goldscheider book, page 481. She measures a large 11 inches (28cm) and 6 inches (15cm) wide. The reverse is glazed and stamped Goldscheider Wien and numbered 8041 + 11 + 84. Condition is excellent.

Ref: Plq649 . . . £740

Goldscheider Wall Mask
This one is the daughter to the one above and measures 8 inches (21cm) high and 5.5 inches (13cm) wide. It has green glazed sausage curls and was hand made out of terracotta in the 1930's and is glazed to the back, and is also stamped to the back - Goldschieder. Designed by Rudolf Knorlein in 1932 for Goldscheider. Condition is excellent with just some slight lack of glaze to the curls at the back - I believe from new.

Ref: Plq651 . . . £930

Beautiful Mask by Goebel
Brightly painted mask by Goebel, bearing the impressed mark on the reverse and in very good condition. 8 inches (20cm) high.

Ref: Plq1013 . . . £395

Czech Lady Plaque
Lovely and large terracotta Goldscheider style half lady plaque. She has a matt glaze and sausage curls to her orange hair and is marked to the back Czechoslovakia, model No. 361. Condition is good but there is a slight overpaint where her scarf meets her shoulder. I believe this may have been a small firing crack from new if anything, and is not visible to the back, but I mention it for accuracy only3. Approx. 12 inches high (31cm). A rare mask and very stylish.

Ref: Plq1014 . . . £495

Terracotta Mask by Keramia
Lovel Czechoslovakian terracotta mask, stamped to the reverse and in very good condition. 10 inches (26cm) high.

Ref: Plq1018 . . . £395

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