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Wall Plaques Page 27

Terracotta Wall Mask by Goldscheider
Lady in a scarf, made in 1938, marked Goldscheider, Wien It measures approx. 11 inches high and is beautifully hand painted. Condition is very good. Can be viewed in the Filip Goldscheider book page 495

Ref: PLQ1119 . . . £695

Royal Belvedere Wall Mask
I believe this huge and stunning fine ceramic wall mask was designed by Stephan Dakon for Royal Belvedere. It is stamped to the back. It measures approx. 14 inches high (36cm). Condition is very good.

Ref: PLQ1122 . . . £695

Child Wall Mask
Rare Czech ceramic wall mask of a crying child. Made by Royal Dux and bearing the model number 15169. Beautifully hand painted, it measures approx. 8 inches tall (20cm). In very good vintage condition with some slight age crazing to the finish.

Ref: Plq1192 . . . £195

Rare Mask by Goldscheider
Beautiful hand painted and finished wall mask of a hatted lady. Made in the early 1930's, stamped to the back Goldscheider Wien and model number 8478. It measures 10.5 inches (27cm) high and still retains its original Goldscheider Wien sticker to the front on her scarf. Condition is very good with one small old firing mark from new to the back on the edge brim of her hat. This is not considered as damage as it is there from new and not unusual on terracotta masks. A very rare model that I have never seen before.

Ref: Plq1193 . . . £895

Rare Goldscheider Wall Mask
Pretty lady in a hat, a hand finished and painted terracotta mask by the Goldscheider foundry. Measures approx. 8.5 inches (21.5cm) high. Stamped Goldscheider Wien. Good condition with a couple of small firing cracks from to the back inside. This is not unusual on terracotta Goldscheider plaques.

Ref: Plq1194 . . . £865

Plaster Wall Mask
A later reproduction of the 1930’s wall mask which I believe was produced by Goebel. This one of hand painted plaster and measuring 9.25 inches (23cm) tall, in good condition with a couple of tiny marks to the patina. I also have another one of these reproduction wall masks, in a mint green with lip and nail detail in red.

Ref: Plq1230 . . . £35

Modernist Wall Mask by Lindsey B
Brian - a male resin wall mask made in 1986 by Lindsey B (Mannequin designer). You can find out more about the artist on on info on artists page. These were made to go in opticians shop windows. There is a channel to the back, ridge to the nose and high cheek bones in order to support glasses frames. He measures approx. 12 inches high and is signed and dated to the back. In good original condition.

Ref: Plq1219 . . . £145

Marlena Dietrich Wall Mask by Podany
A rare art deco wall mask, modelled as Marlene Dietrich. Designed by Rudolph Podany and produced by Keramos Wien, it bears both the signature and the company stamp. It measures 9 inches high by 8 inches wide (23cm x 20cm). Other than a small glaze chip at the top of her hair it is in excellent condition.

Ref: Plq1323 . . . £895

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