Biba Store Light

This unusual and unique huge wall panel was scratch built for the Biba store in 1964. We are not sure which way up it was meant to go and I guess it could go either way. It is wired up with neon lighting and it was made for the Biba store in South Kensington – dated on the back and reads Biba Sth Kens Sept (’68?) in ink marker. We can hear the neon buzzing but it does not appear to be working and may need a new tube or starter. Made of silver acrylic and cream frosted panels to show the light on a wooden carcass.

Some areas of aluminium are loose and some small areas require new pieces of metal which we have.

Lengthways it measures 70.5 inches (178cm) long, 40 inches (102cm) high and it is 9 inches (23cm) deep.

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REF L2251


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