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Myott Cake Stand
English art deco hand painted ceramic cake plate made by the Myott Co. mounted on its original metal stand. In good condition.

Ref: CH172 . . . £68

Czechoslovakian Ashtray
Lovely Czechoslovakian wall mask which doubles as an ashtray, and depicting an Egyptian Sphynx. Made in the 1930s and very unusual - in that when you move it, the face changes and appears to look at you from different directions. Measures approximately 6 inches (15cm) high and in good condition with just a small chip to the lower left corner.

Ref: CH1830 . . . £95

Vague by Max Le Verrier
This French are deco art metal statue has come direct from the private collection of Max Le Verrier. I recently purchased it from the family direct. Signed R. Guerbe and bearing the LV stamp. Raymonde Guerbe designed it and she was the wife of Pierre Le Faguays. Her full title was Madame Raymonde Guerbe Le Faguays. It measures 5.25 inches wide by 2.75 inches deep and 8 inches high (13.5cm x 7cm x 20cm). Condition is excellent as it was a cabinet piece.

Ref: F3140 . . . £995

Rare Harmony Table Lamp by Le Faguays
French art deco chromed art metal lady lamp (missing glass shades). This is a rare version of the Harmony statue as a lamp. Harmony was designed by Pierre Le Faguays and signed in his pseudonym - Fayral. Produced by the Le Verrier foundry. She measures 17 inches high (43cm) high. To the hem of her skirt are two bulbs one on either side. Unfortunately the glass shades are missing and I will need to find some or have some made. I am currently looking for replacements.

Ref: L2361 . . . Not for Sale

Porch Lamp
French art deco porch or lobby ceiling lamp with glass fringe rods and beads. It measures 8 inches (20cm) square and 10 inches high (25.5cm). In good used condition.

Ref: L2427 . . . £145

Business Card Holder
An original phenolic art deci business card holder measuring 4 inches (10cm) wide and in good original condition.

Ref: M2205 . . . £58

Business Card Holder
An original phenolic art deco business card holder measuring 4 inches (10cm) wide and in good original condition.

Ref: M2206 . . . £58

Rare Double Eidelweiss Brooch
This is a rare early double Eidelweiss brooch. It measures 4 inches (10cm) high and is signed on the V safety clasp. In good condition.

Ref: J4118 . . . £110

Cat Brooch by Lea Stein
First edition double cat brooch first made in 1968, this one being quite rare being the double, measuring 3 inches wide fitted with the signed safety clasp. Excellent condition.

Ref: J3592 . . . £135

Large Romeo Cat Brooch by Lea Stein
Vintage large cat head brooch known as Romeo. It measures 3.75 inches (9cm) wide. Signed on the V safety clasp and in as new condition. These are now getting hard to find.

Ref: JE8568 . . . £78

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