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SADE Wall Plaques

Similar to the original design by Marcel Bouraine for the 1925 Paris Exposition des Arts Decoratifs.

Recently commissioned - these wall plaques are made of gesso and applied with either gold leaf or silver leaf. They are professionally framed and mounted in a black satin finish stepped wood frame. They measure nearly 30 inches square (75cm) and weigh approximately 10.5kg. Presently I have one of each version (gold and silver leaf), but I am hoping to produce a terracotta version later and make a limited edition of each.

If you are unable to view these pictures, please email me and will send them to you via email.

S.A.D.E Wall Plaque
A larger picture showing the size (nearly 30 inches square)

Ref: Plq1050 . . . £795

Face on without flash
I presently have only 2 of these plaques, one in silver and the other in gold. The differences in the pictures is because of flash, they are the same plaque.

Ref: Plq1050 . . . £795

With flash

A close up facing slightly to the left without flash

The back

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