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This section is our selection of glass scent bottles from the deco period, original 1920's-1930's and some modern day reproductions, mainly from Czechoslovakia and made using the original deco period moulds.

Some of these items are re-cast pieces made from the original 1920's - 30's Schlevogt and Hoffman moulds. In 1934 Henry Schlevogt, a Czechoslovakian artisan, introduced a line of art glass under the name of 'Ingrid', which was named after his daughter. He employed the finest craftsmen of his day, and his business was extremely successful. Sadly in 1939, due to the outbreak of WWII, his success came to an abrupt halt. Schlevogt fled Czechoslovakia leaving his moulds behind and they were seized by the Nazis. The moulds were released by the Czechoslovakian government in recent years and sold. The items indicated on these pages have been made using the original moulds and each design is created in a limited edition. Schlevogt married the daughter of Heinrich Hoffman, who himself was one of the foremost designers of Czech perfume bottles and other glass in the early 20th century, and came from a long line of glass producers. Hoffman, and later his son-in-law, greatly influenced the bohemian glass industry with their new ideas, designs and methods. I have several original Czech glass item as well as these but obviously they are more expensive.

Czech Floral Scent Bottle
Pink vintage frosted glass and etched floral motif scent bottle measuring 5 inches tall and in excellent condition.

Ref: G137 . . . £175

'His' Perfume Bottle
Lovely red glass body with phenolic head. Originally a man's perfume bottle for 'his' perfume items. He measures 6.25 inches (16cm) high. Condition is good with a few tiny edge nicks to the head lid. I have about 4 of these bottles.

Ref: M2131 . . . £265

Scent Box
Phenolic block scent box with hand painted floral patterning. It measures 2cm in diameter and is in good used vintage condition and still retains some of its old perfume in it.

Ref: M2636 . . . £85

Phenolic Scent Box
Tiny .75 inches in diameter (2cm) block scent pot. Made to go in the ladies handbag. To the lid is a house pattern. In good vintage and used condition

Ref: M2497 . . . £78

Perfume Atomizer by Jem
1920's French glass atomiser bottle, beautifully hand painted with a pierot to the front and signed Jem. It measures approximately 7 inches high (18cm). Condition is vintage but very good.

Ref: G477 . . . £175

Mucha Style Scent Bottle
Amethyst glass scent bottle in art Nouveau style with a Mucha pattern of a lady to the front. It was made in the 1980's in the Czech republic. It measures 6 inches (15cm) high. In excellent as new condition.

Ref: M221 . . . £195

Large Palda Scent Bottle
One of a recently acquired collection of scent bottles - this geometric enamel and etched leaded glass scent bottle measures 3.25 inches wide by 7.5 inches tall (8cm x 19cm). Condition is very good.

Ref: G674 . . . £225

Scent Bottle by Palda
Karel Palda scent bottle in ruby red enamel. It measures 5.5 inches (14cm) high. Condition is used but still good with no cracks to the glass.

Ref: G720 . . . £135

Ric Art Deco Perfume Atomiser
Very rare French art deco hand painted Ric the terrier dog with a lead wrapped around the legs of a lady and man - presumably embracing. It measures 4 inches wide by 2 inches deep by 3.75 inches high (10cm x 5cm x 9.5cm). It is fitted with its original puffer and in good vintage condition.

Ref: G807 . . . £395

Les Introuvables Lalique Collection
French art deco vintage 2000 miniature perfume collection by Lalique. In its original box and sleeve with 3 mini perfume bottles each containing perfume - in unused condition . Edition 1998 with 2 intaglio nude fairies (ondines) on either side of the stopper, edition 1999 with 2 blue nudes (timeless) on either side of the bottle and edition 2000 with a nude (sulphide) to the central glass bottle. In very good original unused condition.

Ref: M5620 . . . £135


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