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Terracotta page 10

Huge (life size?) plaster Pieta (which I believe is the name given to the weeping women at the foot of the cross at the crucifixion of Christ).
Not deco! but when I saw the quality of this piece I thought it worth purchasing and she is still a lovely statue. Originally from a Belgian church, this lady has a wood frame and would look best viewed from below, but I am sure she would be pleased with any quiet corner. She is large - 43 inches (110cm) and has not back so needs to be placed in a corner or against a wall. Email me for more pics.

Ref: F1080 . . . £745

Nouveau Bust 'Poesie'
This beautiful plaster bust is of excellent quality and measures approx. 24 inches (61cm) high and carries the 38 Depose stamp and is signed G. Van Vaerenbergh. Condition is extremely good with just an old mark to the back of her hair bun, maybe there from new?

Ref: F1102 . . . £695

Lovely Lady by Genneralli
A plaster or gesso, or possibly white clay nude lady - a signed piece by Amade Genneralli, and measuring 16 inches long, 9.5 inches high and 4 inches deep (41x24x10cm). She is very much in the style of his work, and in excellent condition with grey speckled finish. Please email me for more pics.

Ref: F936 . . . £385

'Harvest' by Chiparus
Unsigned French plaster statue by Demetre Chiparus (yes he did make some plaster pieces). Marked with model and registration numbers. Mounted on a wood base measuring 20 inches long by 6.5 inches deep and total height is 14.5 inches (51cm x 16.5cm x 37cm). Condition is very good with no damage just some minor marks to the patina.

Ref: OF188 . . . £995

Wooden Horse Bust by Dankarner
French hand carved horse head bust with chromed base and reins detail. Signed to the edge of the base - Dankarner, who made many hand carved wooden items during the deco years. The base measures 3.5 inches dip by 12.5 inches long and the total height is 8.5 inches (9cm x 32cm x 22cm). Condition is vintage but very good. A very rare find.

Ref: F1767 . . . £795

Plaster Panther by Melani
Large black painted plaster art deco panther by and signed Salvatore Melani. Good original condition with just a few age related marks. It measures approximately 22 inches (56cm) long, 5.5 inches (14cm) deep and 10.5 inches (27cm) high.

Ref: MOF001 . . . £295

Grecian Urn Lady by Berlincioni
A wonderful, classical Grecian alabaster lady water carrier. She measures 24 inches tall and is mounted on a 5 inch square white marble base which bears the signature. Condition is very good.

Ref: F700 . . . £795

Diane by Mellani
Large French plaster figure of Diane the Huntress with bow - an unsigned Mellani. She measures 18 inches high by 33.5 inches long and 7 inches deep ( 46cm x 85cm x 17.5cm). Condition is very good with just a couple of minor chips to the plaster edges.

Ref: F1877 . . . £395

Wooden Panther by Hagenauer
Stylised carved wooden panther on a chrome base that measures 13.5 inches long (34cm) by 2 (5cm) by 4 inches high (10cm). The underside of the base is marked Franz Hagenauer Wien. Condition is good but there is a small crack mark to the top of one leg and some wear to the black patina.

Ref: B336 . . . £595


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