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Terracotta page 7

'Vanity' by Cipriani
Wonderful French terracotta by and signed Cipriani and measuring a large 27 x 7 x 15 inches high (69x17x38cm). Condition is very good and she even retains her original removable mirror.

Ref: F1112 . . . £765

Desert Fox by Genneralli
Stylised terracotta Fennec or Desert Fox, very much in the style of Sandoz, but this piece signed by Amedi Genneralli. Work by this artist is highly sought after and he produced some stunning bronzes. Condition is very good - an affordable piece by a top artist. Measures 26 inches by 3.5 inches deep and 6 inches high (66x9x15cm).

Ref: F1228 . . . £395

Compton Style Galleon
Heavy glazed terracotta galleon. Very much in Compton potteries design but this piece having a satin glaze instead of the Compton matt glaze. It measures approx. 10 inches wide by 9 tall (25.5cm x 23). There are no markings at all. Condition is very good with 4 tiny edge nibble chips to the glaze.

Ref: M2113 . . . £135

'Thoughts' by Guiraud Riviere
Fabulous glazed white terracotta statue - Thoughts by Guiraud Riviere. You will find the same statue in bronze on page 173 of the 1st edition Catley book. She measures slightly larger than the bronze - 16.5 inches long to the base by 7.5 deep and a total height of 14 inches (42cm x 19 x 36). Signed and stamped under the base with Guiraud Riviere, Etling foundry stamp, Paris and Marcel Guillard. Condition is extremely good.

Ref: OF144 . . . £2,995

Dutchman Biscuit Box by Lutece
Rare white terracotta biscuit box in the form of a stylised dutchman. Signed Lutece, France to the base. He measures 8 inches high (20cm). The top half of his body lifts off to open the box. Condition is very good with one small nick to the underside of his upper arm section.

Ref: OF146 . . . £595

'Awakening' by Demetre Chiparus
This is the large and famous Awakening terracotta nude by Demetre Chiparus. The same statue can be viewed on page 253 of the 2nd Alberto Shayo book on Chiparus. She measures a 23.5 inches tall by 18 wide by 10 deep (60cm x 46 x 26). Signed in the clay on the right hand end of the base and in very good original condition. This has to be the best terracotta that he ever made. Email me quoting the ref number for more pics of this truly stunning and impressive statue.

Ref: OF147 . . . £3,295

Friends by Ugo Cipriani
Large terracotta lady with a stylised deer. Signed to the base U. Cipriani. It measures a large 20 inches high by 26.5 inches wide by 8 inches deep (51cm x 67cm x 20cm). Condition is very good.

Ref: OF209 . . . £845

The Chien by Max Le Verrier
I have two of this same art deco terracotta dog by Max Le Verrier and also the original maquette that the mould was taken from which is plaster. This large terracotta is of a stylised cubist Alsatian dognap it measures 28 inches long by 5.5 inches deep by 12 inches high (71cm x 14cm x 30cm). Signed on the base M. Le Verrier. Condition is good with no damage or repairs. Le Verrier family owned piece, from a barn clearance at the Le Verrier home.

Ref: OF225 . . . £895

The Chien by Max Le Verrier
This is the original plaster maquette of Max Leverrier's dog statue. This large piece is of a stylised cubist Alsatian dog. It measures 28 inches long by 5.5 inches deep by 12 inches high (71cm x 14cm x 30cm). Signed on the base M. Le Verrier. Condition is vintage and used and the dog is missing the tip of one ear. An original and unique Le Verrier family owned piece, from the clearance of the Le Verrier family home.

Ref: OF226 . . . £895

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