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Terracotta page 9

Friends by Godard
Large French plaster statue of a lady hugging her dog. Made in the early 1930's she is mounted on a wooden base. Base measures 25.5 inches long by 7 deep by 14 high (65cm x 18 x 36). Signed Godard to the base. In very good vintage condition with just a few minor nicks and marks but nothing worth a mention. An affordable piece.

Ref: OF141 . . . £495

Plaster Dove Lady
Plaster nude lady with dove and scarf. Mounted on a plaster base and measuring 17 inches high (43cm). Signed by the artist R. Sollazzani with makers stamp below. Good condition but with a repair to her arm. Ask for pics.

Ref: OF143 . . . £495

'Lucrece' by Villanis
Beautiful, affordable plaster bust signed by Villanis. She has a gilt patina and measures approx. 8 inches (20cm) tall. Condition is good with just the usual age related marks.

Ref: OF122 . . . £195

Huge Nude by Riold
Large French plaster nude with green patina and black painted base, signed by the artist Riold. She measures 21 inches high (53cm) and the base measures 22 inches by 10 inches (56 x 25cm). Condition is basically very good but I’m not sure the base hasn’t been painted, hence £395

Ref: F1017 . . . £395

An original plaster prototype mould for the large 'Meditation' statue by Fayral, purchased directly from the Le Verrier family and is one of only 3 made. A wonderful piece of history.

Ref: OF210 . . .

Life Size Bust by Max Le Verrier
Life size plaster bust of one of Max Le Verriers models and personally inscribed to the reverse A. Mon charmant petit model - Madame Le Ties and signed M Le Verrier. This rare and possibly unique bust has come from the family archives of Max Le Verrier. She measures 16 inches high (41cm). Condition is good with a few age related small chips to the edge of the base as one would expect for a plaster piece almost 100 years old.

Ref: OF237 . . . £1,495

The Gypsy Dancer by Melani
Large art deco French plaster Gypsy dancer lady, a signed piece by Melani. She measures 24.5 inches long by 6.5 inches deep by 21 inches high (61cm x 17cm x 53.5cm). Condition is very good for a plaster piece.

Ref: F1914 . . . £495

Leda and the Swan by Melani
Huge French plaster led statue, signed to her sash at the back S. Melani. It measures 30 inches long by 7.5 inches deep by 16 inches high (76cm x 19cm x 41cm). Condition is good with just a few age related marks and paint losses. I cannot post this item it is too big and fragile.

Ref: F1655 . . . £395

Diana The Huntress by Melani
Huge French plaster figure of Diana - an unsigned Melani. She has a gold patina and is in very good original condition with just a fews age related minor marks - as one would expect ayer 90+ years. She even has her original wooden bow. It measures a huge 33.25 inches long by 7 deep by a total height of 17.5 inches (84cm x 18 x 45cm).

Ref: F1656 . . . £495

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