Change of Email Address

As the house move nears completion, Sheryl has been forced to abandon the email address she’s been using for the last number of years ( This email address is currently still active but will be closing down in a number of days, possibly weeks.

The best email address to contact Sheryl, if you are not contacting us directly through the website is

We have set up an auto reply message which we hope is being sent to anyone who emails Sheryl at her old NTL World email address. We have received a number of Mail Delivery Failure emails at exactly 10am this morning associated with Sheryls NTL World account and are hoping that this doesn’t mean we are bombarding customers, current and previous, with emails but if we are, please do let us know at the earliest opportunity and we’ll take steps to resolve the matter immediately.

As has been the case throughout this house move, we continue to thank you all for your kindness and patience as we adjust.

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