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2 Blogs in one week…

Our latest blog subject is Pierre Traverse; a fantastic art deco sculptor. We were given exciting new information and pictures by a member of the Traverse family – something we are extremely grateful for. I guess we can call that an exclusive.

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With 25 blogs already published and Many more drafted and ready (or nearly ready) to be published we hope you can spare a few minutes to read through some of the Art Deco subjects that fascinate and inspire us.

Potentially our next 3 blogs will be (in no particular order)….

  1. Anti-semitism and the lack of information on artists. We look into information destroyed by the Nazis and what impact is has today on peoples ideas about buying items from artists with little to no historical information available.
  2. Lindsey B: The Next Chapter With Q&A (Part 2). A quick interview with Lindsey to talk about her previous works and what she’s doing now.
  3. In defence of Terracotta. Overlooked by collectors, why Terracotta works of art are seriously worth consideration.
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