Website Size Reduction – Immediate Changes

We have recently began the process of reducing the size of our website. Running costs for a website as large as ours has just gone up significantly as we’ve passed a size threshold. As the site has got so large we also need help maintaining it and that comes with additional costs. Its not an exaggeration to say the website will cost 10 times what it did last year if we don’t make changes immediately.

The main way we intend to do this is to reduce the amount of photographs we use for each item. We hope to have a maximum of just 4 pictures for each item with the exception of “stonking” pieces (as Sheryl would say) which we would use a few more pictures.

If you require further pictures from us, please click on the enquire button when viewing a particular piece and ask us for more pictures. If you ask us within UK business hours, we’ll likely respond in minutes.

A small consequence of deleting so many pictures en masse is that we may lose our “product image”, the first image that you see of an item on our website. Obviously we hope this doesn’t happen but will be working in the background to try to fix these issues as they arise.

A second consequence is that our product descriptions may no longer match the pictures, i.e. “see final 2 images” or “also shown with matching x”. Again, we hope to fix these issues as soon as possible but they will be considered secondary to restoring the main product image so you don’t see pictures like this…

As this process progresses we will update this page below…

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