Update On House Move

Hi All,

We are now pretty much finished with the house build and move. There really is very little that needs doing to the new house now; gardening, mainly.

We have internet and we’re fully up and running, its business as usual once again. Our new, permanent number is 01883 717 459.

We have no idea who has gotten or will get our old number but we suspect they’ll be getting the odd call for Sheryls Art Deco for a while to come. Our apologies to them if they’re reading this.

The new number and address has been added to the website.

We’re delighted with the new house and have attached a few photos.

Finally, we’ve mentioned before but we’d once again like to thank you all for your patience and understanding for the delays in responding to emails and sending out of purchased items for delivery slower than our usual standard during the move. For a while there, there was so much to juggle but now we’re through it we just want to say a big thank you, again.

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