Bartender Cigarette Dispenser

A bartender shaking cocktails at a bar surrounded by glasses etc. Pull the man up and the cigarette holders spring out. Push the man down to close it again. These very rare and wonderful items are made of a gilded metal sheet cut out in stencil fashion and the bartender has a jacket and bow tie detail etched on him, and is enamel painted. This one has white enamelling to the canister and was imported from Germany. It has an inscription in German to the base and is dated March 1955. But this is not necessarily its date of manufacture as I believe these were made in the 1920’s/30’s, but may have been continued until the 1940’s/1950’s.

It measures 7.5 inches (19cm) high when closed.

The condition is good with some minor ageing and a few minor marks to the enamel.

REF M216


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