Signor Bonaventura – Un Milione

Fabulous modernist cartoon style ceramic man and dog statue by Italian artist Luigi Fabris.

The character is named Signor (Mr) Bonaventura and was created by Sergio Tofano, an actor and playwright.

Signor Bonaventura first appeared in October 1917 in a children’s comic and would appear every week for the next 26 years until 1943 and then slowly reduced in appearances, finally being discontinued in the 1960’s.

The general theme of the characters storylines was that he would be issued with 1 Million Lira checks for a variety of reasons at the end of each comic strip. Signor Bonaventura is always accompanied by his dachshund who often becomes central to the developments of events.

Signor Bonaventura is still considered one of the most famous comic strips to come out of Italy.

Beautifully hand painted and very stylised.

Signed to the base Fabris and bearing an anchor mark.

Model number 189 inscribed below the signature.

Very good condition.

12.5 inches (32cm) high.

REF CH1320


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