Fridge Magnets

By Past Times, these Art Deco fridge magnets are “inspired by art deco designers” as the package reads.

Unopened, in their original packaging probably dating from the 2000s onwards.

Each figure measures 2 inches (5cm) high by 1.25 inches (3cm) wide.

Fitted with what appears to be a substantial magnet to the rear.

Brand new condition.

Ric and Rac were a pair of naughty comic strip terrier dogs created by Pol Rab back in the 1920s and have been used in art deco designs by a number of other artists over the decades, most notably by Lea Stein who has a Ric Brooch (shown in the pictures). These magnets are very clearly inspired by the Lea Stein brooches who in turn appears to have been inspired by the comic strip characters. Since their creation, they can be found in a variety of items from photo frames, bookends, lamps, boot polish, car radiator caps, cigarette boxes, posters, cocktail stick sets etc.

If you have a few minutes, please do take the time to read our blog on Pol Rab where you’ll find more information and pictures.

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