Original 1944 Propaganda Poster

Original 1944 Russian propaganda poster by Nikolai Andreevich Dolgorukov (1902-1980).

After years of fighting off the German offensive in Western Russia, the Russian Army were pushing the germans back across Europe, into Germany and the downfall of Adolf Hitler seemed closer than ever.

This poster would have been designed to raise moral of war weary Russian troops, urging a last push to finish the war.

This poster depicts a beaten, cowering Adolf Hitler in the sights of the allied forces.

I believe the monument behind Hitler is the Brandenburg Gate as the writing reads “Берлин” or Berlin in Russian.

A tear to the top left corner and a small tear across the middle on the right as shown.

Poster: 25 inches (63cm) wide, 34 inches (86cm) high.

Frame : 27.5 inches (70cm) wide, 39.5 inches (100cm) high.

REF MArt003


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