Photogravure by Walery

This original photogravure was published in Paris in 1923 by Lucien Walery. Because of the nature of his photographs, (which were considered very risqué to say the least in the 1920’s), he published them using his pseudonym which was Laryew. Walery was just a rearrangement of the letters of his name.

He was a Lithuanian artist born in 1863, he moved to Marseilles and then on to Paris following in his fathers footsteps as a photographer to the rich and famous. Whilst in Paris he befriended Josephine Baker and photographed the girls of the Folies Bergere. He is considered by many to have been a true master of art deco photography. I have several of these photogravures and apparently all the ladies in them were dancers from the Folies Bergere. Each one is numbered with a Roman numeral.

It is interesting to note that many of the poses in these pictures ares similar to the poses of statues of the same period. It is easy to see where the statuary artists got their inspiration.

They are printed on thick card that measures 12.75 inches (32cm) wide and 9.75 (25cm) high.

Condition is vintage but very good as they have been kept in a thick protective sleeve.


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