The Futuristic Dancer – Gerdago

Cold-painted bronze and ivory (chryselephantine) figure of the Futuristic Dancer by Gerdago. Circa 1925, signed Gerdago to the bronze and bearing a foundry seal for Arthur Rubenstein. Modelled, cast and carved as a woman adopting a stylish pose and wearing a dramatic costume and pointed hat. She retains her original necklace which is usually, as this is usually missing on this statue.

Gerdago (1906 – 2004), born Gerda Gottstein in Vienna. She studied art in Berlin and later in Paris and worked for Oskar Strnad who was an architect and film set designer. Gerdago was a pseudonym made of the letters of her real name. In the 1930s she was a costume designer for theatrical performances and films. She was jewish and her parents were gassed in Auschwitz in 1944, she escaped as she had married a non jew. Her Art Deco sculptural items were made by the Austrian company of Arthur Rubinstein. Mystery regarding whether the statues were made by her or by the Austrian artists Karl Perl and Theodore Ullmann who worked for the Rubinstein company. These two artist were also known to have worked with Gerdago. Most of her pieces were produced in bronze and ivory and wore futuristic and extravagant costumes in bright dinner colouring. She was 97 when she died. Her work is now highly sought after and commands high prices.

Mounted on a Brazilian onyx ovular stepped base which measures 12.5 inches wide (32cm) and the figure stands 12 inches (29.5cm) high.

Similar can be viewed in the Alberto Shayo book, Statuettes of the Art Deco Period, ACC Art Books, p.97.

This statue is a rare find and in extremely good condition.

Please check your countries policy on importing Ivory as we cannot sell the item to anyone in a country which bans the import.


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