Very Rare Mask by Karl Grossl

This is an extremely rare wall plaque/mask which was designed by Karl Grossl in 1934 and is marked on the reverse with the FBS Czechoslovakia circled stamp and is numbered 157-10P.

I am not totally sure but I believe the maker was probably Keramia.

Grossl was a freelance ceramist and modeller and carried out commissions for several companies.

Masks like this one by Grossl are rare enough but what is even more usual about this one is that it has a back dish-plaque which shows the face off nicely and supports the rose which is worn by the lady.

It is made from heavy quality terracotta possibly a prototype as only 10 were made of this very rare mask.

I would be interested if anyone can provide more details of this mask or its maker.

10.5 inches (27cm) wide and 10 inches (25cm) high.

Ref: The Wondermasken book p171.

Very good condition.


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