Exclusive Offer – Limited Edition Cubist Clown by Lindsey B

When Lindsey B worked for Adel Rootstien as John Taylor’s assistant she was allowed to create and make some designs of her own. The early designs of a cubist clown and the Louise Tea Garden (LTG) figures are what started her career on the Lindsey B company productions of the early 1980s which were art deco in style and are now highly collectible and desirable worldwide.

The very first piece she ever created was this 3D cubist clown, made around 1978 but never put into production. Over the past year, during lockdown Lindsey has dusted off the original figure, made final adjustments and has completed the figure for production, 43 years in the making.

Lindsey, as a friend has offered me – Sheryl’s Art Deco, the opportunity to promote and sell this exclusive statue in a limited edition of just 30 cold cast bronze resin pieces.

These items will be offered in our next Recent Acquisitions update on the 10th September 2021.

This statue is 20.5 inches (52cm) high. Signed to the leg LJB and to the ball base with the Lindsey B signature.

The price for this limited edition statue is £2,295. For further information and to pre order, contact us.

The LTG items, named by her sister Valerie were produced in 1978 and they pre date her company pieces. She made 3 statuary half bust designs. Claudette, Humphrey and Greta as seen below which were to be made as busts and as jars where the head detaches as the lid. They are signed with the LTG initials and dated 1978.

Below are a couple of original pictures which were made for Lindsey prior to production along with some of our own pictures.

Lindsey is now working on a new series of totally different style statues which we will feature in a blog as soon as we can.

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