November 1955

Part of an original Esquire Calendar for the year 1955 illustrated by the celebrated artist George Petty. Although the entire calendar is present, only 9 pages are in good condition. January, November and December are damaged. This is NOVEMBER 1955 and if you look to the centre of the picture you can see the damage where something has pierced the paper in the red cloak. Consequently this one is priced accordingly. These are particularly popular for birthday presents, with your own birth month in 1955. These will be sold unframed as posting with glass is uninsurable in the post and risk being damaged. Your local framing shop will be able to frame these for you cheaply and with your own choice of frame. These original vintage calendars are no very difficult to find, even in the USA where they originated.

8.25 inches (21cm) by 11 inches (28cm) high.

REF Art2260


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