Sheryl’s Layaway Scheme

Many of my customers often find that they cannot always immediately fund the purchase of the piece they desperately desire at the time it is available. I therefore offer a hire-purchase scheme, whereby customers can purchase items from my website and make regular payments over a period of time.

I will accept a deposit on an item or items (20% or more), and will then accept regular payments until the article(s) are paid for in full. Any shipping or postage costs must also be paid in full before the item is despatched.

My terms for repayment are very flexible and can usually be arranged to suit your needs. The most important aspect of this scheme is that I DO NOT CHARGE INTEREST OR STORAGE COSTS as I aim to keep my customers happy (and you don’t lose the opportunity to purchase a special piece which you may not be able to afford immediately or may never see again).

I have been operating this scheme for over 15 years and have found that it works extremely well, and everybody has been happy with the results. If you want to take advantage of this scheme, please phone or email me for a chat about it. Remember NO INTEREST AND NO STORAGE CHARGES.

Now the serious bit:

Obviously we cannot store large articles or furniture for long periods, we also have to put a limit on the amount of time you can take to pay. It is necessary for payments to be made regularly or we reserve the right to re-offer items to other customers. While we have stored larger objects for customers in some circumstances after the full amount has been paid, i.e. they are moving and want their purchase delivered when they move in, or they want us to hold the items until birthdays or anniversaries etc, we do not want purchases in storage to be dragged out indefinitely. Please feel free to talk to me and let’s see what we can do to help you own that special deco item.

We must however, reserve the right to cancel or suspend this scheme completely, and immediately – but allowing existing members to continue to finish their payments – for any reason we consider reasonably necessary, and we must also reserve the right to suspend this offer from time to time if the scheme becomes too popular, and finally we must reserve the right to refuse acceptance to the scheme to any individual we deem necessary for any reason. In the event that a customer ‘changes their mind’ after paying part of the full cost, we will issue a credit note for the amount so far paid, to be used at Sheryls Art Deco Emporium for other purchases.

Only in extreme situations will we consider a refund in cash. If someone picks an item of stock to buy on the layaway scheme, the item will be deleted from our website, and denied to other people who might genuinely wish to buy it, this will therefore involve extra work in re-advertising the piece, amending paperwork and possibly taking out of storage. Under these circumstances we will have to make a charge for the extra work required.

Back to the friendly bit:

We are offering this scheme because it works so well at the moment, and we feel it will be appreciated by our customers. If you feel tempted, give me a ring and let’s talk about it.

01883 717459 ask for Sheryl, Bob or Mark.